Case 3: Genzyme Corporation


The Genzyme Allston Landing Facility (ALF) is a bulk biologics manufacturing facility located in Allston, MA. Historically, low level excursions were observed for the existing RO and WFI storage tanks during routine operations. The level on the tanks was manually controlled to avoid supply disruptions and shutting down of the loops completely. Genzyme was planning to add a new RO skid and storage tank and WFI still and storage tank to supplement the water volume for usage. Additional process equipment like buffer prep tanks, media prep tanks and CIP skids were also to be added on RO and WFI loops.

The Approach:

Panorama had been asked to do an engineering analysis and the scope covered services for modeling and hydraulic performance of the existing RO and WFI generation, storage and distribution systems at Genzyme ALF. The analysis of causes of low water level excursions, understanding the water demand, velocity and flow limits were also within the scope of the project.
Panorama carried out the following key activities:

  • Reviewed RODI and WFI water system P&IDs.
  • Obtained data about number of users, pressure and flow requirements for each user from field for developing hydraulic model.
  • Evaluated available operational and historic data obtained from field.
  • Generated and simulated hydraulic model for the RO and WFI water systems
  • Studied the flow and pressure profile for each loop and effects of adding new users on the loops.

Panorama carried out detailed engineering analysis of RO and WFI water system and provided recommendations to solve client's current low level excursions problem in WFI and RO tanks. Also, the individual models can be modified to study the pressure and velocity profile when new users are installed and ready for routine operation.



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