Case 5: CIP Time Optimization for a facility for Bristol Myers Squibb


Current CIP time for cleaning a reactor system at a BMS site was 12-13 hours. This long cleaning time, was a major concern for the client because this substantially reduced the time for which the system is available for product manufacturing.

The Approach:

Panorama was assigned the task to reduce CIP time without affecting quality of cleaning and sanitization. Panorama found out the CIP circuit was broken down in 18 separate paths and excessive cycling was done between paths. Panorama combined multiple paths and made it into 8 paths based on process calculations done using AFT Fathom software. Panorama team optimized path sequencing in such a way that the pump usage was optimized and cycling minimized. Initially, flow of CIP fluid was unstable and had a long stabilization time. The Panorama team also provided a solution to stabilize the flow for CIP fluid.

Panorama carried out the following key activities:

  • Reviewed existing CIP path P&IDs.
  • Obtained data about number of paths and pressure and flow requirements for each path from field for developing hydraulic model on AFT Fathom software.
  • Evaluated available operational and historic data obtained from field.
  • Generated and simulated hydraulic model for the CIP system.
  • Studied the flow and pressure profile for each loop and effects of suggested modifications as per the optimized model.

Panorama could reduce CIP time to 7-8 hours.



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