Site Selection and Acquisition "Due Diligence"

Panorama has extensive experience in helping identify potential sites and analyzing options systematically. The work is usually divided into two parts: site selection and due diligence.


Site Selection


The process increases in intensity as the focus is narrowed down to a small number of sites. Panorama uses a systematic, non-emotional approach to maintain impartiality.


Typical activities include :

  • Site Selection working with local realtors, state and federal officials on identifying potential sites
  • Incentives available through state and local levels.
  • Lot size, access, availability of raw materials, and zoning regulations review.
  • Employee pool availability and potential community acceptance.

Panorama issues a formal report summarizing its findings and makes recommendations on a set of final sites to receive "Due Diligence".


"Due Diligence"

For the final steps, we work with clients and sometimes their attorneys to complete a final check on the suitability of the small group of candidate sites. Our architects prepare a site plan, which is reviewed with local officials for compliance with zoning regulations.


A customized "Due Diligence" checklist is used to manage the effort. We typically prepare the following documents in support of the client's final acquisition effort.


  • Zoning & Flood Zone Analysis
  • Local, State & Federal Regulation and Ordinance Review- Identify Variances Required
  • Geotechnical and Boundary Investigations
  • Site Logistics and Layout Review
  • Project Cost Estimate
  • Representation of Clients at local and state level Zoning Approval Hearing Local Utility and Sewer Capacity Check